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Protel Labs Private Limited

We have been a change leader since its inception. Primarily started as a software consultancy firm focused solely on the security automation industry, we have benchmarked ourselves amongst the best in the electronic security domain. Over the years our endeavour is to bring you superior products and services that best addresses your security needs.

Protel Labs Private Limited has played an integral part to allay concerns of security lag by ushering in state-of-the-art electronic surveillance systems for small, medium and large enterprises be it private or public sector. Today we are synonymous with the best integrators in the field of Access Control & Attendance Management, Video surveillance, Fire & Safety, Public Address System, EAS, Barrier Controls and many more. Our Strength lies in analyzing and offering a customised solution for your security demands because we believe no two requirements are the same.

The core team comes from diverse backgrounds right from hardware, software, firmware, project management and support along with an enviable industry experience in our chosen domain. We have support members available at all major metros. Most of our team members are from industry benchmarked companies with hands on experience on the entire project life cycle.

No doubt we take pride in maintaining around 98% satisfied customers with relationship extending beyond 5 plus years.

In the recent years, we have enhanced our offerings to complete solutions as well, wherein we provide 360-degree solutions in Asset Tracking, HRMS including payroll, Toll collections etc.

Our Vision

To be Valued as a Preferred end-to-end solution provider with cutting edge innovative technology in our chosen field and increase our customers’ Lifetime Value and Loyalty through continuous improvement driven by the integrity, teamwork, and innovation of our people.

Our Mission

  • To focus on customer first experience
  • Provide state-of-art solution on time, every time
  • To provide our customers with end to end solution built around their need
  • Encourage innovation, creativity and experimentation in all we do
  • Build an extended organization of committed partners
  • Maintain corporate integrity & high standard of corporate governance

Corporate Safety Policy

At Protel Labs Private Limited we firmly believe that safety of all our employees and all the stakeholders associated with our project sites and manufacturing facilities is of utmost importance. Safety is an essential and integral part of all our work activities which includes planning, design, procurement, fabrication, construction, installation & commissioning of facilities, products, manufacturing processes and services. We believe that incidents or accidents and risk to health are preventable through the active involvement of all the stakeholders, thereby creating a safe and accident-free work environment.

With regard to safety objectives, Protel Labs Private Limited will:-

  • Comply with the requirements of all relevant statutory, regulatory and other provisions
  • Create and promote safety awareness to protect all stakeholders from foreseeable work hazards and risks through campaigns and training programmes among employees, business associates and clients
  • Provide appropriate level of training and support to the management and employees to ensure that they are able to fulfil safety responsibilities
  • Work & train with our inhouse technical staff such that they follow safe working culture so as to comply with the safety policy of the engaging company while keeping in mind the project site safety rules, procedures, system and safe practices
  • Ensure that appropriate resources are available to fully implement the safety Policy and continuously review the policy’s relevance with respect to legal and business development
  • The management sincerely believes that the safety related incidents are preventable by coordinated team effort of all stakeholders and through shared individual responsibility at all levels for safety issues, there by aiming to achieve continuous improvement and overall success of our safety program

Corporate policies

Protel Labs Private Limited’s Social Responsibility (SR) philosophy is built on four pillars namely

  • Environment protection
  • Energy conservation
  • Community development around its facilities
  • Waste Not want not

The Company is highly committed to the cause of protecting the environment. Energy efficiency of its solutions remains a corner-stone of its research and development efforts. Air, water and energy management services for Green Buildings have been part of its business and practices. Energy Conservation goes beyond using efficient products. A huge amount of energy is wasted nationally due to sheer ignorance and lack of awareness.

Data Security

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements, which are legally binding formal agreements. These are signed with our customers as well as our employees and any other third party who access our client’s information to ensure that the information is fully protected.

Anti-virus Protection with data leakage protection (DLP) features to ensure that the data is not corrupted and leaked out of our network. Anti-virus software and Microsoft update server are configured for Automatic Updates to ensure they are capable of handling even the latest virus threats. Monitoring, Auditing and reporting at every stage of business process.

Network Security

Gateway security, anti-spyware, intrusion prevention system, application control service and content/URL filtering features are implemented with Network Security Appliance. Managed Switches are used to create Multiple VLAN's with defined security policies. Internet access is restricted using content / URL filter, web category and application filter through firewall.

Individual employee login for accessing the systems and network resources to ensure that the data is not tampered in any manner. Access control matrix and auditing enabled at File server which ensures availability of data only to the people that need to have access to it. USB Storage feature is disabled for network computers using group policy and AV policy to ensure external media such as USB drives, DVDs are not used to copy data.

Physical Security

Multifactor authentication using biometric technology is implemented to manage the access to Protel Labs premises. 24/7 Physical surveillance system installed to monitor transition of human and other resource.

After Sales Service

  • We have well-trained, certified and motivated team that are dedicated in providing maintenance service to our WARRANTY/AMC/CAMC clients
  • Our AMC is driven by a strong process backed by our 24 / 7 Customer Care centre with state-of-art CRM software that allows us to clearly measure Response Time and Resolution Time based on a very objective data that is logged into our eCare system
  • Whether you are SME or a large enterprise. we have AMC solutions that fit your need to keep the systems running to their fullest potential. Whatever the requirement, we provide reliable service and maintenance
  • We believe in a very comprehensive preventive maintenance processes that are defined and executed at periodic intervals as per OEM specified recommendations
  • We are reliable maintenance partners of medium to large corporates in the sectors of General Manufacturing, IT/ITES, Pharma, Financial Institutions, Defence & Public sector undertakings etc
  • We have been able to meet the demands of top-notch clients in various sectors and also have successfully renewed the AMC’s with a retention rate of 98%
  • We provide Clear, objective, measurable and transparent service and support